Family: Myrtaceae

Genus: Syzygium

Botanical Name: Syzygium Australe

The Syzygium genus contains 1,000–1,800 species. Belonging to the myrtle family, the Syzygium australe is also known as Brush Cherry and is native to Australia. It is an evergreen specimen with opposing lanceolate green glossy leaves, which produce small white little flowers and dark-red edible fruits.

Syzygium Media


This specimen is suitable for most informal bonsai styles.

Location and Position

The Syzygium is a great specimen for growing as an indoor bonsai, ideally positioned by a south-facing window. If kept outdoors from spring to autumn, a semi shade position will provide a great environment for this tree while protection is required during winter by relocating it indoors or into a greenhouse.


Keep the soil moist by using rainwater, but don’t let the soil dry completely for long periods or allow the tree to be in a soaking wet environment because it will suffer and perhaps perish in those conditions.


As with the Azaleas, Gardenias, and Camelias, the Syzygium appreciates fertiliser for ericaceous plants (acidic-loving plants). During growth, feed the plant every two weeks until autumn, then reduce it to once a month.

Pruning and Pinching

Allow the shoots to elongate up to ten pairs of leave and then pinch back to two pairs of leaves. Structural pruning is best carried out in the spring because large cuts do not heal very fast.

Repotting and Soil

The Syzygium can be repotted every two years or as soon as its roots fill the pot in spring. Use acidic soil, such as Kanuma or a soil mix suitable for ericaceous plants. Ensure that the mix you use creates a well-drained environment for the tree.


Early fall may be the best time to wire because the growth slows down, reducing the risk of scarring.


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