Crassula Ovata ( Jade tree )

Genus: Crassula

Family: Crassulacea

Botanical Name: Crassula Ovata

The Crassula Ovata is an evergreen species that produces a small, beautiful pink flower. It has a thick trunk, branches, and leaves presenting themselves in opposite distribution.

The Crassula Ovata is a succulent species native to Africa and considered to be a lucky plant bringing growth, wealth, and health. It’s known mostly as Jade tree.

It’s a very popular houseplant and a great Bonsai for beginners thanks to the vigorous growth habit and limited water requirements. In nature, it can reach up to three meters.



Crassula Ovata’s most suitable stiles are informal upright and clump style.

Location and Position

Because this plant dislikes temperatures below six degrees, it makes the perfect indoor Bonsai. It should be positioned as close as possible to a window to provide enough sunlight to help keep the leaves small. It can also be grown outdoors but requires protection as soon the temperature drops to six to seven degree and taken indoors.


This specimen doesn’t require much water; rather, it requires a very light watering thanks to its adaptation to the climate circumstances it comes from. It’s able to retain water from the air and store it in its leaves.


A balanced feed every one or two months should be enough for this plant.

Pruning and Pinching

If the plant is placed in a well-lit place, it will result in very vigorous growth that will need to be pinched to maintain the shape and reduce the size of the leaves. Structural pruning is best approached during the growing season.

Repotting and Soil

Repot every one to two years during the summer in a coarse, well-draining soil mixed with organic matter.


The Crassula Ovata can be wired, but the trunk and branches mark or snap very easily, making the clip-and-grow the most appropriate method for shaping.

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