Ficus Retusa

Genus: Ficus

Family: Moraceae

Botanical Name: Ficus Retusa

Originating from Asia, the Ficus Retusa is an evergreen specimen with alternate oval, leathery, dark green leaves and an outstanding yellowish bark with scattered pale dotted smudges and amazing aerial roots, granting this tree a unique look. To keep it happy, avoid dry or drafty conditions and to create an high-humidity environment.

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This specimen is suitable for most styles, such as informal upright, slanting, root over the rock, landscaping, and more.

Location and Position

The Ficus Retusa is great as indoor Bonsai. It needs good light but not direct sunlight.


The leaves and trunk of this tree will benefit from regular misting, encouraging the productions of the aerial roots and keeping a good level of humidity. This plant needs to be watered well and requires moist soil.


If kept indoors with the right conditions (water, light, temperature, and humidity), this tree could be fertilised all year round.

Pruning and Pinching

Pruning during the growing season will release new shoots, but it is important to know that hard pruning on thick branches could jeopardise the healing process and result in some ugly scars. Pruning also releases the latex characteristics of this specimen.

This tree is apical dominant and has quite a vigorous growth pinch back to two or three leaves on shoots of five to six leaves.

Repotting and Soil

Repotting can be carried out yearly and is best carried out in spring by removing one-fifth of the root ball. A good soil mix for this plant could be peat, horticultural sand, and clay in a ratio of 1:1:1.


The branches are quite flexible and easy to put into position (wiring can be done all year round) but also particularly delicate (do not keep the wire too long on the branch) and can show wire scars very easily.


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