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I created the Asamidori Bonsai website’ to talk about my bonsai based experiences and knowledge without pretending to teach the reader.

I intend to address all topics related to bonsai, such as species, tools, care, and interesting facts in order to help new enthusiast approaching this amazing world and contribute the growth of practitioners. With this in mind, I hope you will enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing about bonsai.

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Family: Ginkgoaceae Genus: Ginkgo Botanical Name: Ginkgo Biloba Commonly known for its dietary benefits, the Ginkgo biloba, along with the dawn redwood, is a living fossil specimen native to China. The Gingko offers a light-grey fissured bark and can produce areal roots, helping this tree to extend its longevity. It is a deciduous plant with …


Family: Rubiaceae Genus: Gardenia Botanical name: Gardenia Jasminoides Found in tropical and subtropical regions, the Gardenia is a genus of over 200 species belonging to the Rubiaceae family. Native to Asia, the Gardenia jasminoides is an evergreen specimen with shiny lanceolate leaves, and it is well known for its beautiful and perfumed white flowers that …


Family: Myrtaceae Genus: Syzygium Botanical Name: Syzygium Australe The Syzygium genus contains 1,000–1,800 species. Belonging to the myrtle family, the Syzygium australe is also known as Brush Cherry and is native to Australia. It is an evergreen specimen with opposing lanceolate green glossy leaves, which produce small white little flowers and dark-red edible fruits. Style …


Asamidori Bonsai is all about sharing knowledge to help and support new starters to get accustomed with beautiful world of Bonsai based on personal experiences.

Asamidori Bonsai’s idea is to simplify and make easier and more enjoyable the approach to this amazing hobby and art form.

Asamidori Bonsai wants you to get passionate to Bonsai as much as we are!!!cropped-asamidori_Order-_FO2ADE56DE45_KZ00A_R07BAn-01-1-1.png

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